Startwith strategy: 90-minute intensives to start finding the direct path to ideal clients through aa clear brand strategy.

Hey, ambitious and fearless businesswoman: I see you cobbling together freebies and webinars about creating a brand strategy and only landing on something that kinda sorta feels like you. 

Let me guess: you’ve taken countless courses and have free worksheets galore. You’ve done more ideal client avatar exercises than you care to admit. (My hand is up!)

Start with Strategy are 90-minute focused sessions that help define your brand voice, mission, promise, and design direction so your business is positioned to find the clearest path to ideal paying clients who already know they want to hire you. 

I’m ready to help you stop piecemealing materials from different courses and start doing this important work that nails your strategy that sells. After two decades in design and a stint as a newspaper reporter, I created Start with Strategy to help you quickly so you can stop spinning your wheels and start knowing exactly how to show up because you have defined the foundational parts that drive your brand. 

After following helpful prompts, you’ll have the support each step of the way as we write, refine, and tailor how your brand lives in the wild.

Together, we dive deep into where you’re stuck and how to move things ahead in your business NOW and position you for limitless growth. When you begin with strategy, you have a roadmap and copy that weaves through all of your social media, website, and marketing copy—all after 90 minutes!

Your investment gives you one-on-one access to a branding expert, calms all your swirling thoughts, and provides a clear path to success. Imagine spending 90 minutes and then knowing exactly what
to do, where to focus your energy, and what steps to take that build a raving fan base saying, 
“sign me up!”

What is all of this brand strategy anyway?

Just like a human, your brand has a heart, vision, promise, and purpose. Defining these important parts of your business and articulating them into a strategy that drives your business is the fast-track to ideal paying clients, building a business your way, and confidently selling your skills. 

The heart of your brand:
Your purpose, mission, vision, and values all build the beating heart of your brand. We’ll define why your brand exists, what type of future you want to create, what are you here to do, and how you conduct yourself daily to support these areas. 

Identifying your Why:
Starting with why you are doing the work you do, distilling it down 4-5 times, and getting crystal clear on how you came to serve the clients you do provides a north star for all parts of your business. 

Finding your brand voice:
How do you want to show up online and connect authentically with your ideal paying clients? Defining how people interact with your brand, how they feel, what words you use to describe your brand, how you can differentiate from competition, and looking at brands that resonate with you add to the solid strategy to build on. What do you stand for and what do you want to avoid sounding like? We hammer it out.

Define your brand promises:
Meaning, strategy, and reasons should support each part of your business and how you engage and build trust. What promises and experiences do your clients get each time they work with you?

The design roadmap:
How to build and layer on this solid foundation to create strong, professional visual assets like your logo, custom patterns, on-brand stock photos, iconography, and much more. 

  • Be supported by a trained brand strategist so you can go deeper than ideal client avatar sheets so
    you can finally speak directly to your people
  • Stop spinning your wheels and start booking paying clients
  • Lead with confidence and finally find your people
  • Get back your time so you can focus on your expertise
  • Get inside resources and recommendations for building your brand so you can confidently sell your services
  • Build the best foundation that drives all areas of your business
  • Pre-session 30-minute discovery call
  • Start with Strategy workbook with thoughtful prompts of getting to the heart of your brand, defining your why,
    finding your brand voice, define your brand promise, and the clear direction on translating it visually
  • 90-minute video strategy session with focused support, guidance, copyediting, and finalizing these parts of your brand strategy
  • Recorded strategy session for reference
  • Additional resources + recommendations to implement, build, and complete your brand strategy
  • One payment of $597 due when booking below
  • Grab a time that works for you on the calendar below for a free discovery call. We can chat about your needs, where your stuck and if a Start with Strategy session is right for you. 
  • You’ll be emailed a pre-session Start with Strategy workbook (due back 48 hours before our session)
  • We’ll dive in for 90 minutes and dig deeper, refine, and edit these parts of your brand strategy to write the final ones
  • Roll up your sleeves and get ready for some clarity!
  • Developing a comprehensive full brand strategy (this work takes weeks and is a detailed and
    comprehensive process). These intensives get you started with a strong foundation to build on.
    If you’re looking for support with a full brand strategy, check out my packages
  • Extensive copywriting services for your website, marketing materials, or social media content
  • Actual brand identity or graphic design work