More you in your brand.

One-hour intensives to leverage your personal stories into powerful brand strategies

Start with Strategy

Hook the hearts of your clients with brands that align with your people.

Ready to tap into the power of your brand's story so you can stand out and connect with your audience on a deeper level?

What if I told you that your unique backgrounds and experiences directly shape how you run your business and impact the clients you connect with...and yes, the income you make. These intensives dive into your strengths and skills to help you craft a brand strategy that gives you clarity, soul, and direction.

Think if you embraced those stories—yes, the failures, fumbles, and fuck ups—and leveraged them to bring in the dreamy clients consistently. Magic! Start with Strategy sessions work through insightful prompts, open dialogue, and the space to brain dump and say those big dream ideas out loud. These intensives dig into your one-of-a-kind traits and tales that hook the holiest of grail clients so you can lead confidently, charge your worth, and celebrate your version of “doing it all.”

"My Story Strategy session with Courtney was so empowering! I feel like she can read my mind. She put my brand into words when I couldn't even explain it clearly myself. Her insight and ideas have been invaluable for growing my business, marketing on social media, and fine-tuning my website. She even helped me break some through mindset blocks I'd had for years!"
Becky Moffit
The Organized CEO

What to expect:

Monthly space is limited

What can you expect during these intensives? Crazy clarity, systems that create ease, and focused solutions for your business. Your brand strategy is a fast-track to ideal clients ready to pay your rates, confidence, and alignment with like-minded people.