A one-on-one partnership for women ready to leverage your story into a memorable and impactful brand.

Align your mindset, strategy, and design in 8 weeks so you can convert followers into paying clients.

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Reconnecting to yourself is your biggest client attraction strategy

a high-converting brand starts with you

Want to uncover the secret to your next phase of business? What if I told you that wrangling your mindset, small ways to connect with
yourself daily, and custom strategies created just for you is THE key?

Develop a brand foundation that lets you completely embrace your authority, create an experience for your clients so they become
referral machines, and define clear messaging that converts. 

The first few years of business have been FULL of lessons, experiments, and a bit of exhaustion. What if you could hit your growth stride
with more fun and ease? Reconnect to that fire in your belly and use a clearly defined brand foundation to create your own version of success.
We focus on both brand and mindset foundations that result in THE shift toward impact and income. 

You have my full 1:1 attention to both challenge and support you as you step into your unique expertise and authority. 


  • Writing content from a place of inspiration instead of obligation
  • Make quick decisions with a defined strategy that informs every area of your business
  • Reconnect to that fire in your belly and use it to create an unwavering brand
  • Work with ideal, dreamy clients who share your vision and values 

Ready to quickly build an engaged audience by showing up unapologetically with confidence and 100% yourself? What would it feel like to
say yes to that weekend with friends or a mid-day hike instead of being tethered to social media?
Quit putting your success on the back burner
and move from floundering to flourishing in 8 weeks?

One investment. Two months. Endless ROI.


WEEK 1: Strategy

We’ll connect on a virtual 90-minute recorded strategy session. Using your pre-session workbook, we’ll define these
core parts of your brand foundation: 

    1. Define brand heart (mission/vision/purpose/values). Allows you to communicate who you are, what you do and why you’re different. Be able to hold yourself accountable to what is most important to you so you attract others who share your values.
    2. Define brand words/pillars for content that evokes emotion, converts followers, and allows you to write from inspiration rather than obligation.
    3. Define brand personality, voice, and tone to support your brand as a living, breathing entity
    4. Embracing a brand mindset so you can continue nurturing and tending to your brand so it grows with your business

Here’s some results you can expect:

WEEKS 2-5: Design

Bespoke design with a solid brand foundation so it truly resonates authentically with your clients, lets you lead confidently, and find cohesion and ease in your business. Our next step is translating your solid strategy into visuals that stops the scroll, lets you show up consistently, and be seen as the expert. 

Brand identity design 

    1. Shared Pinterest board to collect inspiration
    2. Moodboard for visual direction of your brand identity design
    3. Custom main and alternative logo design
    4. Custom brand color palette
    5. Custom brand patterns
    6. Social media templates
    7. Cohesive high-end aesthetic to differentiate online
    8. Font licensing assistance
    9. All print and digital files

Here’s some results you can expect: 

WEEK 4-5: Refinement

We have two refinement rounds to perfect anything in your brand—from the strategies to the design—so you have a turnkey solution to launching a brand that converts. You have my support, explanation, and feedback so you never feel alone during this phase.

WEEK 6-8: Mindset and launch

You’ve grown your authority in the online space and are ready to hit that next business phase with ease! Let’s create clear messaging that grows with you and doesn’t keep you tethered to your laptop.

Let’s create a system for you to write content and messaging that comes from a place of inspiration and not obligation! I’ll help you define a social media platform strategy, review and refine messaging using your brand base and mindset that makes it stick. 

Here’s some results you can expect: 

We start with strategy and a deep dive into the why behind your business

Start with Strategy

What do you stand for? Take a stand on something you intend to solve and create alignment in everything you do—from social media to team operations—and be totally transparent through developing that foundation. We’ll dig into your brand values, why you do what you do, what you want your future to look like, and create a Story Strategy statement which serves as a north star in your business. 

We define who you are and what you stand for, giving you a clear strategy for staying authentic and consistent online, in your content, and your website. Don’t just sell yourself to a potential client, explain to them and show them in your messaging who you are as a brand and how great it feels to work with you.

Lean into the rawness and feelings you experienced when speaking to your ideal clients so you remain relatable, trustworthy, and positioned to help you grow your business, find work-life balance, and build true happiness as an entrepreneur. When you remain true to yourself and the values you’ve outlined earlier, it makes everything easier in your business: writing content, speaking on sales calls, and producing content. 

Speaking like a human and inviting people into your business fast-tracks your business by creating an unmatched authenticity. We’ll dig into leveraging your unique stories and experiences in a way that feels easy and fun and a plug-and-play formula to find that balance of what and when to share. 

How can you flip the script on failures and fumbles and view them as opportunities? The more you flex this mindset muscle, the more people want to be in your orbit and learn how to make sure you don’t get stuck in only looking at the negatives, but turning them into future opportunities.

We build on that solid brand strategy and turn it into an impactful brand identity that lets you stand-out online

Design + Refinement

We look at all the parts of your strategy and begin the visual concepting for your brand identity, including your logo design, color palette, custom pattern design, photography, and more. We use tools like a shared Pinterest board to save inspiration and I create a moodboard to give an overall representation of the design direction. Your brand identity has milliseconds to grab potential paying clients and set yourself apart from the competition. 

Developing your brand strategy has given me the intimate knowledge to visually translate your values into a strong visual system as a solution to grow your business. You’ll have an identity that quickly grabs your audience and we’ll collaborate along the way with shared inspiration before the design work begins.

We’ll have two refinement rounds of your one concept to get everything dialed in and perfected to launch into the world. This process is transparent, collaborative, and dedicated to give you the best result.  

Your final brand is ready to live in the wild! I’ll help you implement your new brand identity with a style guide and files that give you everything you need to build your new brand cohesively online and keep any team members on track with making sure you are represented consistently on social media, your website, and marketing materials. 

It’s time to launch that brand and finally lead authentically and clearly with your ideal people in mind.

Mindset and Offboarding

A styleguide allows you to consistently use your assets, hand off to keep team members on-brand, and give a quick at-a-glance view of your brand. You’ll have color palettes, typography, and your strategy for quick reference and sharing.

We’ll identify brand pillars so you know what to write about, how to leverage storytelling, and keep your brand focused. Maximize your time, ditch the sweaty palms and jitters when showing up to talk to your audience.  

Ensure you’re building connection and focused instead of scattered and unrecognizable online. I’ll provide tips and resources to make sure that people recognize your brand, book calls, and become a loyal follower.

Imagine feeling so clear, so aligned, and so worthy of growing a sustainable profitable business. This is for you.

Investment: One payment of $9997


In just 8 weeks, you’ll have a defined foundation, modern design, and a plan to implement your new brand.  Learn to lean into those parts of your story that give a glimpse at the transformation you give your clients. 

There are only 2 Branding on Purpose clients each month with the intention of keeping my focus intentional on each client. 

What would it feel like to show up more confidently, have an inbox full of holy grail client inquiries, and be completely aligned in your online presence?

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