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We focus on the mindset and brand strategy foundation that results in THE shift toward success.Get a blend of the accountability found in group programs with the support of a 1:1 brand coach to uncover what’s most important to you.The end result is a clear brand that consistently attracts like-minded clients who share your vision, values, and impact.

Looking for insane clarity, a framework for easily attracting like-minded clients, and the ability to be unapologetically you in your content? 

I’ve heard it from every client: “I don’t know how to get these swirling thoughts out and into a strategy!” “Will I be professional and credible if I show up like myself?” “I’m so sick of spending so much time figuring out what to talk about!” “How can I build authority in such a crowded space?”

At this point, many online business owners skip the strategy because it’s not the sexy part of branding. You might be tempted to dive into Canva, pick colors you love and call it good. And this is where I see so many women fall short of the mass potential to grow, scale, and LOVE a business that fits into your life (not the other way around!)

This is the program I wish I would’ve had when taking my local business online 3 years ago. An intimate community of like-minded women, easy and realistic actionable items you to tailor to your business, and a passionate professional on stand-by to help you along the way.

If you’re ready to quit standing in your own way, turn the exciting and overwhelming thoughts into a clear strategy, and convert clients in a way that doesn’t feel icky, Brand Basecamp is the program for you.

I’ve condensed 20 years of design, communications, and strategy experience into a program that helps you:

📌  Develop a brand voice that feels like you and makes it easy to jump online on a whim, write consistent content, and feel confident
📌  Write a clear mission and vision statement to drive your short- and long-term goals with a clear roadmap
📌  Discover the ways to have FUN in your business, fit it into your life, and determine when/if scaling is right for you
📌  Create a high-end client experience that attracts the right people ready to pay your rates
📌  Create templates and use tools to help repurpose content and stay organized so you can show up consistently
📌  Save time and money when you outsource or hire team members
📌  Maximize your work with a designer because you have a crystal clear foundation to build on

You’re doing what all the top gurus tell you to. Anxiously attending free webinars hoping that this might be THE thing that gets you traction in your business. Writing content is frustrating and scattered because you just don’t know how to take the pressure off and write from the heart.

Sound familiar?

The biggest shift in my business was developing a brand strategy that spoke directly to the clients I love serving. That made them think. Got under their skin. Made them realize they had to have my expertise to help them create the same.

And I’ve helped dozens of clients:

🎯  Scale to 6 figures without a huge team and while staying true to a work-life balance
🎯  Launch new programs (and sell them out!) during a pandemic
🎯  Create plug-and-play frameworks for creating on-brand content, consistently posting, and actually (gasp!) have fun with social media
🎯  Become confident and content with their own voice which creates a ripple effect 
🎯  Launch dream businesses they’ve been sitting on for years and validate their pie-in-the-sky ideas.
🎯  Articulate the late night musings, energy, and stories into a clear client-converting strategy

Brand Basecamp is intentionally kept small for maximum impact, training you can implement right now in your business, and critical foundation pieces to build on. Each week we’ll focus on a specific topic via live training followed by another day just for Q&A. You have access to my branding expertise and the input and accountability from your fellow business ladies. 

Modules include:

➡️  Building authority through a defined and personal brand voice
➡️  Writing your brand mission statement to act as a guide for all of your business decisions
➡️  How to create a high-end client experience that builds referral machines
➡️  Using color and imagery to elicit emotion and engage potential clients immediately
➡️  My personal tools for organizing, creating, and scheduling content  
➡️  Top ways you can infuse fun in your business which takes the pressure off and allows you to lead authentically
➡️  Building a moodboard and collecting visual inspiration to guide your brand identity
➡️  Falling in love with your brand so you can be your biggest client attraction tool
➡️  Saving time by using your brand strategy guide to make the most of your future investments
➡️  Using a brand strategy guide to hand off to your team and keep your business on-brand

Creative investment

$ 2,500 One payment