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A solid brand strategy and design is THE way to authentically connect to those dreamy clients.

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Still fumbling with DIY design and piece-meal strategies?

(a partner helps get more out of you than filling out yet another freebie)

What if I told you that sharing your rare experiences and stories directly shape how you impact the clients you work with—and yes, even the income you make? Instead of shying away from them, embrace these stories—yes, even the failures, fumbles, and falters—and leverage them to bring in consistent dreamy clients. Magic!

Ready to tap into the power of your brand’s story so you can stand out and connect with your audience on a deeper level? I give you unmatched support and focus because I know where you’re stuck and what’s on the other side: clarity, confidence, and alignment (which all feels pretty damn great).

Focused time to develop the overall framework of your brand strategy.

Start with Strategy intensive: 60-minute session

A focused partnership to build your brand story and visual identity

Conversion x Design: 4 weeks to an impactful brand

"Working with Levity Design Co. has been such an exciting and rewarding experience. Courtney took my concept for a new brand and absolutely nailed it, right out the gate. Her ability to bring my vision to life was simply stunning."
Melissa Froehlich
Business Growth + Mindset coach
"Courtney did a beautiful job of listening and creating designs for both my logo and packaging design. I ended up with gorgeous font and design that will elevate my brand well into the future. Her professionalism and creativity are top-notch!"
JJ Pursell
Brand owner

Focused support and clear brands.

I’m able to pull out of you much more than when you go at it alone.
Quit spinning your wheels and finally lead with a brand that feels like YOU.

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